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Spring Pruning is All About Timing

While it is beneficial to prune your flowering shrubs and trees on a yearly basis, the time of year that you prune them can have a big impact on how well they flower. So, it may be tempting to cut them back as part of your spring maintenance routine, however, you should know which ones […]

Spring Pest Management – Grasshoppers

In the spring, you will find many beautiful blooming trees, shrubs and flowers. However, along with these come the bugs. Insects, such as grasshoppers, lay their eggs in late summer or early fall. And if they survive the winter, they will begin hatching in mid to late spring of the following year. One female grasshopper […]

Landscaping Spring Checklist

Now that spring has arrived, you may be excited to plant new greenery and flowers. However, it is important that your yard is in good shape before you begin. Why? Because it will improve the conditions for planting. Plus, you will enjoy it much more.  Here’s your spring checklist of things to do to get […]

Plants that Deter Deer from Your Spring Garden

Whether you are a gardener or not, spring is a season to love and appreciate. Temperatures warm up, days grow longer, and many of the local flowers and trees are in full bloom. However, we aren’t the only ones who appreciate the spring flora. Hungry deer can venture into our yards to feast on newly […]

Fall Pruning Tips and Information

As temperatures drop and leaves begin to fall, it may be tempting to start pruning trees, shrubs, and other plants.  However, it is important to know what plants can be pruned and how to prune them during this season.  In fact, there are some plants that if you trim to much in the fall, you […]

What Should You Do With All Those Fall Leaves?

Fall is a beautiful time of year in the D.C. area.  The temperatures drop and the air feels cool and crisp.  Soon we can expect beautiful fall foliage.  But along with the vibrant hues of orange, red, and yellow, comes an inevitable day when the leaves begin to fall from the trees and into our […]

Harvesting Your Fall Vegetables

Fall is a wonderful time to reap the benefits of spring and summer planting.  Whether your vegetables are in container gardens, planting beds, or you incorporated edibles into flower beds, now is the time that many of these vegetables are ready to harvest.  Hopefully you have kept track of what you planted and when each […]

Fall is the Perfect Time to Sod Your Lawn

While spring is often considered to be the ideal time for sodding a lawn, it can also be done successfully in the fall.  Just remember to plant the sod well before the first expected frost of the season.  This way the roots establish before it gets too cold.  The basic steps for laying sod include: […]

Is Your Yard Ready for the First Frost?

As temperatures in the DC area grow cooler and cooler, we can expect the first frost of the season soon.  According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the average date for the first frost is November 15th.  Is your yard ready?  Preparing your yard each year for the dropping temperatures can help preserve your gardens and […]