snow removal

Snow Removal Services

Keep your properties clean, safe, and accessible

Snow plowing and removal is offered only to our Governmental, Institutional and Commercial clients. These are annual contracts and additions to existing Grounds Maintenance contracts.

Our fleet of crews and trucks will be available to service your designated areas in a timely manner to clear and remove accumulated snow pack down to the pavement. We clear parking lots, ramps to parking garages, entrances and exits to parking facilities, sidewalks and any areas where foot and vehicle traffic are located. We also provide the snow melt agents to clear slick areas for pedestrian traffic and areas where water may accumulate and refreeze after plowing.

Depending on Mother Nature’s seasonal temperament, our contracts have cost adjustments for ice storms, snow pack in excess of thirteen inches, number of outright storms and other variables.

Be assured that John Shorb Landscaping will keep your properties clean and safe.

Contact us today to set up a maintenance contract, or add snow removal to an existing contract.