Drainage Problems?

Leave it to Shorb. We provide water management solutions for any landscape water management challenge.


Do you have too much, or too little, water on your property?  Poor drainage around your home can lead to wet basements and other costly home repairs. Shorb provides innovative and lasting landscape water management solutions—from design to installation.

  • Storm Water run-off
  • Standing or Pooling Water
  • Grading
  • Erosion Control
  • Rain Gardens
  • Water Harvesting
  • Permeable Pavers
  • and More!

Rainscapes Certified

Shorb is a certified installer of Raingardens and Bayscapes in Washington DC, and Rainscapes in Montgomery County. A RainScape is a landscape or design technique that helps reduce stormwater runoff from individual properties, both residential and commercial, including Rain Gardens, Water Harvesting, Permeable Pavers, and more!

In Montgomery County, MD, The RainScapes Rewards Rebate Program also offers technical and financial assistance to encourage property owners to implement RainScapes techniques on their property.

RiverSmart Homes Program

RiverSmart Homes ProgramShorb is an expert consultant and installer for RiverSmart Homes in Washington DC. The RiverSmart Homes Program, created and overseen by the DC Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE), is a community engagement initiative striving to reduce stormwater runoff from residential properties in the District of Columbia. The program provides homeowners with funding to retain stormwater on their properties.

Shorb Landscaping

More than 25 Years of Landscaping Excellence

Shorb-25-anniversary-sealShorb Landscaping has been cultivating naturally elegant properties since 1994. Whether you have a big project in mind, or just need routine maintenance, we’d love to help you create the outdoor environment of your dreams.

Our award-winning team of landscape designers, installers, and maintenance crews provide a complete range of services to create gorgeous outdoor spaces and keep your property looking beautiful year-round.

Pool Patio

Landscape Design

For homeowners with discerning tastes, we offer best-in-class landscape design and build services throughout Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

Our award-winning landscape design team creates a variety of customized outdoor spaces and beautifully planted landscapes for year-round interest. We strive to enrich the surrounding natural environment and foster stewardship for sustaining our natural resources.  Complete property assessments with master plans and drawings for implementation are provided. No matter the size and scope of the project, our design services will meet your specific needs.

Landscape Installation

Our landscape installation teams create outdoor living spaces with patios, walls, kitchens, fire pits, water features, and outdoor lighting. This is complemented by beautifully planted landscapes for year-round interest. Customized irrigation systems, grading and drainage solutions, and sustainable landscape development are just some of the ways we service the individual needs of clients.

Our clients include many of the leading landscape architects, designers and custom home builders serving the greater DC metro.  Shorb Landscaping follows the standards set by the American Nurseryman Association and Landscape Contractors of America.

Shorb Landscaping Truck

Grounds Maintenance

Both residential and commercial client appreciate our thoughtfulness and attention to detail when it comes to grounds maintenance. Our maintenance crews are managed by certified horticulturalists who offer complete oversight and individualized property care with an exceptional level of customer service and communication. Uniformed crews are provided with onboard restrooms and consistently upgraded equipment for improved safety, fuel efficiency, and sound reduction.

Shorb is Proud to be a Sponsor of APLD

association-of-professional-landscape-designersLandscape Designers Rely on Shorb. Our clients include many of the leading landscape architects, designers and custom home builders serving the Washington DC area.  We have the professionalism and attention to detail that top designers can rely on to achieve their vision.

Please call us at (301) 897-3503 with any questions or to discuss your installation or maintenance requirements!

Check out our Butterfly Guide


If you want butterflies in your garden, this guide is for you!  This is the ultimate tool to identify, attract and retain multi-generational butterflies in your garden.

Shorb Supports the Home Depot Foundation

Shorb Landscaping is proud to support the efforts of the Team Depot foundation to help our veterans.


Shorb is Proud to be an Insiders Trusted Advisor

Insiders Trusted Advisors was formed over 40 years ago by local business men and women to promote good business practices and provide quality services and products to businesses in the Washington Metro Area.