LCA Award:

Total Residential Contracting for a Residence in AU Park NW DC

This residence in the AU Park neighborhood of NW DC is owned by a family with young children and they envisioned creating a property that would: be easy to maintain; provide private outdoor living and secure play space; have a simple yet elegant welcoming entrance to the home; and address issues with heavy rains flooding their garage. There was a limited budget and emphasis was to invest on building hardscapes and limit the plantings for ease of maintenance.

The Driveway area presented challenges with the removal of existing decaying wall structure, extensive digging with heavy equipment to expand the width of the drive and height of the walls. Rebuilding the drainiage for this area was inclusive of a chanel drain, rerouting downspouts, and installing the pervious driveway.

The permitting process was extensive to add the corner curved retaining wall that is adjacent to the public sidewalk. Working in this area required absolutely no damage to the public walk and full accessabilty for the public to use this sidewalk after working hours each and every day.