Rain Gardens 101: Teaching Low Impact Development

As part of our recent teaching at the DDOT Low Impact Development (LID) class at the University of the District of Columbia, students learned the value of rain gardens and experienced the process of building one. In class they learned the elements of a rain garden such as water sources, soil infiltration testing, and construction techniques utilizing pipes, soil, stone and plants.  Then they participated in the process of a rain garden being built to manage the roof water run-off at a residence in DC.

At John Shorb Landscaping we strive to foster stewardship for sustaining our natural resources while cultivating naturally elegant properties. Our landscape design/installation work includes creating outdoor living spaces with patios, walls, kitchens, fire pits, water features, and night lighting. This is complemented by beautifully planted landscapes for year-round interest. Let us know how we can work for you: 301-897-3503.