Incorporating Privacy into Your Landscape Design

Your yard is an extension of your home.  It is a private space to retreat, relax, and escape the rest of the world.  However, unless you live on a sprawling parcel of land where neighbors are a far off distance away, privacy can be challenging.  There is good news, however.  You can create a private space in your yard using a combination of plants and materials that minimize both views and sounds from your surrounding neighbors.

Plants to Use as Privacy Screens

Many different plants can create privacy screens.  Climbing vines are great for shielding the view.  And if you choose blooming vines, you can enjoy the sight and smell of beautiful flowers each year in addition to privacy.  Clematis is a lovely spring-blooming vine that can also create privacy.  Ivy works well too because it grows very quickly.   It is a good choice if you want rapid results.

Aside from vines, there are also other plant choices for privacy such as boxwoods.  Boxwood plants are low maintenance and can be clipped to create a number of different shapes.  Bamboo hedges can create a “living wall” in your yard.  And some great evergreen plants to use for privacy are the Emerald Green arborvitae or the Italian Cypress.

Multi-Purpose Additions to Your Outdoor Space

Decorative pieces and other functional materials added to your yard can serve dual-purposes.  Place a water feature near a fence line to help block noise and sounds from neighboring yards.  Or top a small table with an umbrella to block sunlight and create a private and intimate sitting area.  An awning placed over a patio can shield your patio from rain and curious neighbors from your private space.

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