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4 Reasons to Start Your Hardscaping Project in the Winter

It may be chilly outside but that doesn’t mean you can’t start the process of upgrading your outdoor living spaces. Winter is an ideal time to plan and install hardscape projects. Hardscaping projects such as stone patios, fire pits, sidewalks, driveways, walls, and stairs can be designed to create amazing outdoor spaces for family fun and entertaining, and these projects can all be worked on throughout the winter. Completing projects like these during the winter gives you the benefit of maximizing the amount of time you can spend enjoying your beautiful yard when the weather gets warmer. Ideally, hardscape projects are wrapped up towards the end of the winter, just in time for spring planting.

There are several advantages of tackling these types of projects during the winter months.

1. Cost Savings & Availability

Winter is typically a slower time of year for landscapers. Less demand means supplies and labor are more available and less expensive. That can translate to greater savings on your end—or the ability to afford higher-quality materials or undertake a larger scale project.

2. Less Damage to Your Yard

With the ground typically being more firm during the winter, hardscaping is less impactful to your property. Your lawn and soil are likely to sustain less damage from equipment, foot traffic, and excavations associated with a hardscaping project.

3. Less Disruption

Typical yard activity is less in the winter and greater in the spring and summer, so it makes sense to do the projects when the yard is not being used as much.

4. Often Ideal Weather

Winters in the DC area have gotten more mild, with several sunny stretches prime for doing outdoor work—without the oppressive summer heat and humidity. Crisper temperatures can also directly benefit certain hardscaping applications—making for a slower, more even drying and curing process for mortar and cement.

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