Fall is the Perfect Time to Sod Your Lawn

While spring is often considered to be the ideal time for sodding a lawn, it can also be done successfully in the fall.  Just remember to plant the sod well before the first expected frost of the season.  This way the roots establish before it gets too cold.  The basic steps for laying sod include:

STEP 1: Remove Existing Lawn

If the lawn is large, it is best to use a sod cutter for removal of the grass.  For smaller lawns, a grape hoe will work.

STEP 2: Grading Issues

After the old grass has been removed, make sure the ground slopes away from the house in all directions.   If not, make adjustments by adding or removing soil in the problem areas.

STEP 3: Soil Testing

Testing the soil will give you a better idea as to what amendments such as nutrients, fertilizer, or organic matter need to be added before laying the new sod.

STEP 4: Prep the Area

The ground needs to be smooth and free of debris and rocks.  It should also have a firm base before new sod is put down.

STEP 5: Lay New Sod

Spread a layer of fertilizer first, then you can lay the sod over one section of the lawn at a time.  It is best to start on the outer edges and work your way in.  And make sure to water it regularly.

While it is possible to sod a lawn on your own, also consider using a professional landscaper.  Not only do landscapers have knowledge and expertise in this area, they also have the tools and equipment required.  At Shorb Landscaping, our professional landscapers and designers can help you create a beautiful lawn to enjoy for years to come.  You can call us at 301-897-3503.