Fall Frost

Is Your Yard Ready for the First Frost?

As temperatures in the DC area grow cooler and cooler, we can expect the first frost of the season soon.  According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the average date for the first frost is November 15th.  Is your yard ready?  Preparing your yard each year for the dropping temperatures can help preserve your gardens and lawn and ready them for next spring.  Use this checklist to ensure your yard is ready to make it through the winter season.

#1:  Move Houseplants Back Inside

Any houseplants that you moved outside for fresh air and growth during the summer need to be brought back in at this time.  Make sure to check for any unwanted pests such as aphids and mealybugs.  If you discover these, treat the plants before bringing them in.

#2: Winterize Lawn Irrigation Systems

Automatic irrigation systems should be shut off at the main water supply. Drain the system and open to relieve any pressure.  If you are using hoses for irrigation, make sure to drain and coil them.  You will also want to disconnect hoses from faucets and store them if possible.

#3: Take Care of Plants in Your Garden Beds

If you have annual plants in your gardens, look into which ones are frost-tolerant and which ones are not.  Make sure to cover any annuals that could not otherwise survive the colder weather.  If you have vegetables in your garden beds, till the soil to expose unwanted insects and make sure to pick any vegetables that need picking prior to the frost.  Wait until after the frost before you dig out and store any bulb plants for winter.

At Shorb Landscaping, our professional landscapers and designers can help you winterize your lawn and preserve your plants through the winter season.  You can call us at 301-897-3503.